Steve Golden


Untitled photo

Steve Golden is a fine art photographer dedicated to capturing ways of life fast changing in Asia. Arriving in Tokyo with a backpack and $200, he has now been in Asia for 30 years. His first career was in academic publishing. Steve then took up a rare opportunity to work as a strategic advisor for Lonely Planet, a path which led him to turning a lifelong passion for photography into a profession. He presently lives in Singapore and works at LASALLE College of the Arts.

At the heart of Steve's work are portraits of real people he encounters in his travels. Cultural themes such as the role of Buddhism in daily life and the notion of "home" factor prominently. His work evolved to include landscapes while spending summers in the mountains of Japan. Steve recently completed a three year project in Myanmar, culminating in his new book Faces of Yangon, and an exhibition at The Leica Gallery in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

Steve lives in a historic Chinese shophouse in Chinatown in Singapore. His work can be seen at his studio by appointment, by clicking CONTACT below.

(Photograph © 2019 Steven D Golden)

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